My last week in Collinsville

I spent my last days in Collinsville trying to finish up chapters 6 & 7 of Animal Farm. I can tell you one thing about my placement here in my English II classroom.

I learned more here about myself and my ability to teach than…

How to change plans when you can’t drive stick-shift.

After careful consideration, I have decided to scale back my ambitions.

I know you all must be shocked at my decision, but it is final and I will not be changing my mind…

Unless I have to.

Nevertheless, I am stead…

After a brutal week with absolutely no lesson plans but still the expectation to teach, I can honestly say I almost forgot to write this piece.

I was thrown into the deep end by my CT this week as she let me have command of the classroom with no game…

Well… this week has been interesting to say the least.

Unfortunately, my last student teaching placement didn’t really work out.

Not to fear! As of Thursday, March 18th, I am in a new school teaching again. This new placement is in the tiny school district of Collinsville, TX. I am…

Matilyn Perry

A human college student studying English and Education with a lot of opinions.

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